Water Well Problems

A water well is like a car, it needs to be maintained in order to minimize the occurrence of problems. The water well should be chlorinated regularly and the pump should inspected and serviced at regular intervals. Without maintenance, there is an increased chance of the water well failing at the least convenient time. Bacteria can grow in the water well and/or pressure system and can cause odour problems or even reduce the yield of the water well by plugging the completed interval of the water well. Mineral precipitates can also form in the completed interval of the water well, either as a result of bacteria or by other electrochemical processes, and reduce the water well's yield. 

Steel water well casing can deteriorate with time and the resulting holes can allow groundwater from a different aquifer to enter the water well and change the chemical quality of the groundwater or the hole can allow sediment to fill the water well. HCL can gather data on the water well and determine the cause of the problems affecting the water well.