Groundwater & Surface Water Monitoring

Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd. (HCL) provides planning, management and maintenance of groundwater and surface water monitoring networks/facilities.

Groundwater monitoring involves, in most cases, the continuous monitoring of production and water levels in water source wells and the monitoring of water levels in observation wells and domestic water wells. The purpose of the programs is to ensure adequate and uninterrupted supplies of groundwater, optimum utilization of groundwater resources, and detection of adverse effects on other groundwater users in the area and to meet the water well licensing requirements of Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA).

Key Benefits

  • Groundwater monitoring is often a condition of a licence to divert and use groundwater
  • HCL has over 250 groundwater monitoring projects in Alberta
  • Optimizing the placement of monitoring wells and groundwater flow direction
  • Long-term monitoring of water quality and geochemical analysis
  • Determination of surface water interactions with groundwater (Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water- GWUDI)
  • Routine reporting of monitoring network performance and exceedances, automated┬ácompliance reports
  • Detailed aquifer characterization and mapping services