Domestic Water Well Testing

The testing procedure involves conducting an aquifer test and collecting of groundwater samples for analysis by an accredited laboratory. The date and time of the testing are to be recorded on all data collection sheets. A sketch showing the location of the water well relative to surrounding features is required. The sketch should answer the question, "If this water well is tested in the future, how will the person doing the testing know this is the water well I tested?"

The purpose of the testing of domestic water wells is to obtain background data related to:

  • the non-pumping water level for the aquifer - Has there been any lowering of the level since the last measurement?
  • the specific capacity of the water well, which indicates the type of contact the water well has with the aquifer;
  • the transmissivity of the aquifer and hence an estimate of the projected long-term yield for the water well;
  • the chemical, bacteriological and physical quality of the groundwater from the water well.